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Pat Benatar in Europe

The success of Pat Benatar in Europe goes beyond the rare tv appearances and is in contrast with the spare number of performances in the Old Continent. The only concerts date back to the "Get Nervous World Tour" in 1983.

Here are into details the European dates:

11 January – Nantes France
12 January – Paris France
14 January – Grenoble France
15 January – Strasbourg France
17 January – Paris France
19 January – Frankfurt West Germany
22 January – London England
24 January – Glasgow Scotland
26 January – Birmingham England
27 January -  Newcastle England
29 January – Copenhagen Denmark
31 January – Brussels Belgium
  2 February – Stockholm

The presence of Pat on European television programs above all gathers between 1980 and 1983.  In the section we selected some of the most significant tv appearances.

In particular we propose the only two Italian videos that we have: the introduction of Pat by Jocelyn on Discoring (1980) with "Hit me with your best shot" and then the interview of Kay Rush (1988) on Discoring, on the occasion of the release of the album "Wide Awake in Dreamland".




 Afterwards you can see a nice swedish interview on Mondagsborsen (1980) with “Hell is for children”. The presence of this song in the web site is not accidental and wants to follow the Pat will to sing it in every concert as a solidarity deed against the child abuse. An article in the N.Y.Times about this rampant scourge in America was the brain-wave for Pat and Roger Capps to create a text of denouncement. Later Neil Giraldo set up the perfect musical pathos equal to the seriousness of the subject. “Hell is for children” became so popular that the band decided to create a foundation for the protection of children placing at disposal the royalties of the song.





At the end of this sequence you can enjoy the terrific “ Love is a battlefield” in the german Beatclub (1984), “Heartbreaker” in the english The Tube (1983) and “Treat me right” in the dutch Countdown (1980).




I’d like to thank Gino Calistri who provided the material for this section.

Luca Ansaldo

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