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A deep desire for acoustic songs

If it’s true that the hunger comes eating, it’s also true that Pat and Neil, introducing here and there acoustic songs in these last years, made our mouth water and had increased our desire for an album with the same style.

The confirmation of the release of a wholly acoustic compilation is arrived during the Spring Tour 2008 where Pat Benatar announced the preparation of the cd, expected for the next Christmas holidays. At the moment we don’t have any idea if in the project there will be new songs. However excellent material already exists, appeared during concerts or in TV appearances where Pat and Neil test themselves also as actors.

 So, awaiting the great happening, in this page we present a selection of videos pivoted on the acoustic project. We begin with the funny clip from an episode of the fifth season (2001-2002) of “Dharma and Greg” entitled “Wish we weren’t here” where, during an impromptu wedding in an airport, Pat sings “We’ve only just begun” (The Carpenters 1970).  At the end a short piece of “Love is a battlefield” is performed.


The second video from the soap opera “Young and the Restless” (February 2008) offers the extraordinary “Every time I fall back” set in Genoa City (what a coincidence, the real Genoa in Italy is my city !!).


Then we have “We belong” skilfully performed by the country star Martina Mc Bride with Pat Benatar in the TV show CMT Crossroads in 2003.

pat benatar and martina mcbride


In this selection we must put the most popular “Love is a battlefield” in acoustic version, broadcasted in “The late late show” (April 2002) for the promotion of the album “Live Summer Vacation Tour Soundtrack”.


We end with one of the readapted songs with an astonishing and touching result: “We live for love” at Great Adventure in New Jersey during the Summer Tour 2007.


Luca Ansaldo



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