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The song wrapt in mystery

“Innamorata” is the album released in 1997 with an italian title that we can translate with the english “in love”.

The cd was born under the aegis of the new label CMC International that had a short but good business relation with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. The positive atmosphere present in that time produced a spirit of renovation that was reflected in the album. The result was a sequence of love songs played for the most part acoustically. Even if there are electric guitars, unusual instruments appear as violins and cellos with the result to give birth substancially to an acoustic album.
It’s certainly the making of a different musical style for Pat Benatar that still remains in the live performance.
In 1996 a new cd was released for promotional use with 3 songs from the upcoming album “Innamorata”: “Life is sweet” that later changed his title in “Strawberry wine”, “I don’t want to be your friend” and “Cry for love”. This last song was included neither in the album, nor in following compilations. The reason is wrapt in mystery.
However it’s a ballad that perfectly reflects the spirit of “Innamorata” and finds here a right space to be better exploited.

If you want to listen to "Cry for Love" click here .


Some information about “Innamorata”:

Produced by Neil Giraldo
Pat Benatar – vocals percussion
Neil Giraldo - guitar keyboards percussion
Mick Mahan - bass
Allison Cornell - violin keyboards
Ray Brinker - drums percussion
Susie Katayama - cello
Scott Breadman - percussion
Doug Norwine - tenor sax
T Lavetts - hammond B3

Last but not least in the touring crew Brigette Leonard-Giraldo children’s nanny.

“Innamorata” is dedicated to their beautiful children: Haley and Hana.

Luca Ansaldo



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